The blue marble is an image of the earth taken on December 7, 1972 by the crew of Apollo 17 spacecraft as it left earths orbit on its way to the moon. It is one of the most reproduced images in history.

A blue marble hanging in the blackness of space..

The realisation the we all live on this one fragile blue marble and that we need to look after it, prompted many into thinking differently about our planet. This image has now been the inspiration behind our blue marble initiative…

What is Cowans blue marble initiative?

The blue marble initiative have been set up with two goals in mind…

To study and analyse our own business activities with a view to reducing and minimising its impact upon the environment.

How will we achieve this?.

  • Research and implement energy-saving measure
  • Staff engagement to reduce consumption and increase recycling
  • Nominate departmental environmental champions
  • Reduce vehicle miles by improving delivery route planning
  • Analyse and reduce packaging use. Source greener alternatives
  • Calculate and monitor our companies carbon footprint
  • Study and implement energy saving lighting etc.
  • Reduce and where possible eliminate single use plastics within our business

To help our customers study and analyse their own business activities with a view to reducing and minimising its impact upon the environment.

How will we achieve this?.

  • Advising and implementing new waste reduction and recycling schemes
  • Offering a green audit of your business supply usage
  • Sourcing, advising and implementing new Eco products and services
  • We can provide free carbon footprint calculation for small¬† and medium businesses
  • Using our warehouse to schedule call off stock to reduce ‘panic’ orders
  • Becoming a single source supplier of all your business needs which reduces delivery road miles
  • Source and procure any specific requirements you may have for greener products

The way we live has a dramatic affect on our natural resources and the environment. We are committed to minimising the impact our activities have on our eco system.

This initiative Environmental guide provides you with information on how we are doing this and how you too can help.

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