Is the invention of the Battery something to celebrate?

The 18th February is National Battery day and whilst the battery was undoubtedly a life changing invention that everyone now relies upon, its’ make up means batteries are having a negative impact on our environment. So should we be celebrating this invention?

From mobiles to fire alarms, they are an essential part of life and we are using more and more year on year but when it comes to disposing of them, not everyone is taking e-waste seriously. Consumer demand for the latest mobiles and gadgets has led to a huge increase in e-waste and as a result harmful chemicals going in to landfill and our water sources.

If all the batteries we used were recycled or disposed of correctly, it would help to make a positive change. We could also try to reduce our own battery usage – from solar powered calculator to wind up radio’s and torches for example – there are other inventions out there we can embrace and celebrate.

Rechargeable batteries are another option and whilst more expensive to buy, they do save you money in the long run. Talk to us about our new completely solar powered calculator, our range of rechargeable batteries or our recycling programme and how this can help you reduce your carbon footprint. We can collect mobiles and batteries together with toners and your confidential shredding. Small changes can make a big difference and we are here to help!

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