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COVID-19 Disinfecting & sanitisation solutions

Electrostatic sanitisation solutions

TECcare® is an advanced UK chemical technology platform. that increases both the effect and prolongs the mode of action of a biocide. This means that the TECcare product formulations have a low biocidal chemical content, boasting an incredible safety profile whilst delivering the highest efficacy against hard to kill/destroy microorganisms.

The Antimicrobial Effect

Unlike other products that claim a residual effect, TECcare products leave no visible residue and do not build up with over application on surfaces. There are no silicon-derived compounds in the products, which can migrate from a surface and become a nutrient source for certain

The prolonged antimicrobial effect is a surface conditioning that has both a lytic and amphiphilic functionality, effectively destroying microorganisms after the product has air dried onto a surface.

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